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ShapedLogic can provide a range of services related to eCommerce and technology for any size business. 


eCommerce Planning


Getting started with eCommerce for B2B or B2C can be complex. Creating a plan is the first step to ensuring that your business will be successful.


The plan can be simple for small business and provide guidance.


Larger businesses and corporations have a responsibility for ensure that plans are clearly documented and communicated to complete the governance processes.


Business and eCommerce Strategy


Often the strategy that a business adopts for can be critical to ensure the best result and the correct levels of expenditure. Management and the board want to know that there is a strategy and why that strategy has been adopted. Strategy is not a set once and forget process and there needs to be a senior member of the team responsible for maintaining the strategy and direction.


Technology Platform Selection


There are now many technology platforms for a business. The platform chosen needs to fit in with the business goals, fequirements and direction. The decision of which platform is a key part of the strategy. 


The wrong platform decision can not only cost the business money and can inhibit the implementation and delivery of a successful solution.


eCommerce Project Management


Building an eCommerce solution can cost $10’s of thousands for a small business and $100’s of thousands for medium and large businesses. The management of these projects can be complex and often involves remote developers or designers.


When these projects are not managed then often fail. The management sometimes if left to a business stakeholder with no information technology experience and no eCommerce knowledge or experience. This adds internal pressure to an already complex project.

Business Strategy

ShapedLogic which provides consulting and support for companies using enhancing business processes through technology, Artificial Intelligence and eCommerce.

Business Meeting

Corporate Consulting and Board Governance

Expert Guidance

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