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Shaped Logic Consulting

Changing the Shape of Your Business with eCommerce


From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, We are here to help. Using our expertise and deep understanding of the Business and Information Technology, you will receive real solutions and experience and trackable results. ShapedLogic provides consulting and support for companies using enhancing business processes through technology, Artificial Intelligence and eCommerce. Get in touch to book a virtual meeting.

 About ShapedLogic

Shaped Logic provides consulting and support for companies relying on technology to provide strategic advantage. Using eCommerce as a channel for revenue generation or AI to advance your support, technology is essential.


Our consulting skills are suited to a wide range of business environments. The focus is on improving outcomes and providing solutions. 


The principal for Shaped Logic is John Debrincat with over 50 years’ experience delivering Business and eCommerce solutions for throughout Australia.


Business Services

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Business Planning

Expert Guidance

Campaign Pitch

Business Strategy

Strategic Review

Technology Platform Selection

The Right Solutions for your Business


Project Planning & Management

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Business Meeting

What do you need to succeed?

Choose the right Platforms and Technology

eCommerce and Digital are essential components of modern business plan and strategy. Company boards and management understand the business but making the right platform and technology decisions is not a simple task. ShapedLogic can help you plan and select the right technology to support your business objectives. 

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Need eCommerce 

How do you select the right solution when there are so many available? How do you start to understand what you need to be successful? 
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